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American Energy Enterprises, Incorporated (AEE) is a private Delaware Corporation based in Connecticut, USA. American Energy Enterprises Commodities (AEE Commodities, Inc. - Delaware Corporation 20-8679282), a subsidiary company, is a Commodities buying, selling and trading company with an emphasis on Ethanol and Crude products as well as many other heavy and light physical commodities. In recent years, the overall business ventures have led to cross selling among multiple industries. AEE Commodities was added to the venue of companies in 2006. Affiliated companies include: Global Aviation Holdings, LLC; AEE Renewable, Inc; Perazim Fuels; Alternative Fuel Services, Inc.; and Raven Enterprises, LLC.

In 2005, AEE elected to diversify its interests by commencing exploration and production of the first Commercial Cellulosic Ethanol Distillery in New England planned to produce 100 Million Gallons Per Year of Ethanol and 65-megawatts of electricity through a COGEN CHP unit, during the exploratory phases of development the company opened and manages AEE Commodities, Incorporated to physically buy, sell, trade and broker all physical hard, soft, and liquid commodities including crude and minerals in Central America, South America, Australia and Africa, and in 2006 by a joint venture relationship with various Minerals and Commodities Partners Worldwide. The company’s exploration, acquisition of precious, and base metals in Venezuela became a significant focus for the company. Consequently, in November 2006, AEE Commodities was formed under American Energy Enterprises, Inc. to better reflect the general nature of its target commodities, Asphalt, Iron Ore, Copper, Petroleum and Precious Metals.

Our Mission

American Energy Enterprises, Incorporated’s objectives are to continue to grow as independent petroleum and minerals buyers, traders, producers, and distributors through principal participation, agent brokering, physical production, partnering exploration and project acquisition. To this end, the company has implemented a strategy to reduce risk and increase the likelihood of completing sales contracts and exploration success by having commodity, geological and geographical diversity. Focus continues on exploration for petroleum-based products (Bitumen/Asphalt); Crude Oil/Refined Fuels/Eco-Friendly Fuels (Crude/Ethanol/E85/Bio-Diesel/87 Octane Gas/Diesel); precious (gold & silver) and base metal (copper, lead, zinc & molybdenum) stock, supply, and deposits mostly in Central and South America with some African and Australian options. In furtherance of its objectives, the company is working with Sumar Capital, Limited for the acquisition of petroleum products.


Global Aviation Holdings, LLC (GAH) is a supplier of used and refurbished commercial and corporate aircraft including, but not limited to the complete aircraft, engines, parts, financing, leasing, operations and sales. GAH also has access to aviation services, remanufactured and new parts production facilities in the United States, Costa Rica, and Canada. The Company serves airline and other commercial aviation operators worldwide providing lease, financing, and dry-lease operations as an aircraft operator.

As of December 31, 2006, AEE has owned, leased, sold or financed approximately 25 commercial and corporate aircraft. This includes aircraft sales and services for all the major US and European Airlines. The Company diversified into the production of Ethanol Fuel to bring cleaner, alternative fuels to the USA by producing Biowaste/cellulose

distilleries in New England USA

designed to produce its own Ethanol fuels to be blended and sold at retail for auto and other machine consumption which reduces pollution and cost.

Sales, Productions and More

Petroleum and Chemicals:

The petroleum and chemicals commodity group deals with a range of commodities, including chemicals, sulfur, plastics, and petroleum/crude, LNG and gas products. The primary markets for these commodities are within China, Europe, and North America. AEE has access to New England USA, a center for natural gas, feedstock, petrochemicals and plastics derivatives. The Company also has access to the Texas-Louisiana petrochemical corridor and a number of eastern USA and Canadian regional plants.

Ethanol Production and Sales:

To become a world-class producer and supplier of renewable liquid fuels by the production of ethanol from opportunistic sources of cellulose from garbage and green waste generated by municipal sources.”.a strategic fit with corporate goals for operating cost reduction, “green promotion”, energy self-sufficiency, and new earning sources based on core competencies. AEE Renewables, is a business that develops and owns state-of-the-art ethanol bio-refineries that are the lowest cost producers of ethanol. Exploit the emerging production technology of Acid Distillation and Microbe Enzyme Processes through exclusive license to produce ethanol from biomass (organic material such as wood waste, straws, switch grass, green waste and sorted municipal waste that generates additional revenues from tip fees)Team with or Acquire, property management and tree removal firms, wood mills, landfill owners, waste haulers, municipalities, petroleum refineries and other end users to build plants across the New England United States and Canada close to markets for transportation fuels, Home Heating Fuels and other like kind. Create an integrated energy solution that is sustainable and responsive to environmental concerns and Climate Change issues.

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